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Court Room

Florida Divorce Coaching can support you by supporting your client.

We can provide emotional support to your clients and help them gain clarity on what they want, which allows them to be more focused and clear in their meetings with you. 

We offer several New Ways for Families® programs, including Pre-Mediation Coaching, which can help clients prepare for scenarios that could arise in mediation, collaborative process or court. We will teach them skills to keep control of their emotions, communicate effectively and focus on their big picture goals.

As former bookkeepers, we can work with your clients on creating realistic budgets and clarify their financial reality. 

How can we support you in providing exceptional service to your clients?

New Ways for Families®:

  • Tina Keyes, CDC® is licensed to provide several New Ways for Families® parent education programs by world conflict expert and author, Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. 

Emotional Issues:

  • Helping clients gain control over their emotions so they can think and make decisions rationally

  • Giving clients the right tools to regulate their emotions

  • Preparing the client for mediation, collaborative process or court by role-playing potential scenarios that could result in emotional reactions and helping them make a plan to handle those emotions in the moment

  • Helping the client accept that "emotional justice" is not the purpose of mediation, collaborative or court

Practical Issues:

  • Keeping the client on track with their deliverables for you (goal setting, accountability partner, helping them get organized)

  • Helping clients create their budgets and get organized with their financial paperwork

    • Our coaches both have several decades of bookkeeping experience and run a successful business bookkeeping firm, which gives them the experience to guide clients through their budgets and help them get organized with their finances

  • Getting into the weeds on details of the Parenting Plan so that you, as the attorney, can have a clear idea of what the client wants and be able to create a legal document more efficiently

Post-Divorce Issues:

  • Holding clients accountable on their final checklists post-mediation or post-collaborative process

  • Holding the client's hand on their plan to manage their budget and life post-divorce

  • Setting up ongoing joint co-parenting coaching to help clients resolve co-parenting conflict as it arises (and hopefully stay out of court)

    • Note: High Conflict cases involving addiction, personality disorders, abuse or excessive conflict are referred to Parenting Coordinators

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