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Hi, I'm Tina

I am a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Certified Co-Parenting Specialist and Trauma Informed Certified Coach who is passionate about working with parents who are going through divorce or looking for support in creating *and maintaining* a collaborative co-parenting dynamic.

As a stepmom, I have step-parented children from Pre-K all the way through High School on every 50/50 timesharing schedule you can imagine. I am also a biological parent of two young children. By this point, I have parented or step-parented children through every season of their minor lives. Co-parenting, parenting plans, timesharing schedules and blended family conflict have been my everyday life for a decade.


It is my privilege to work with parents who are going through this major life transition, helping keep their emotions in check, focusing on their "big-picture" values and connecting them with the resources and professionals who can help in their unique situation. I also help clients navigate situations where perhaps one of the parents is not cooperating, may be dragging the process out or creating unnecessary hostility. 


I am passionate about designing parenting plans that prevent conflict and work during all chapters of your child's life. I believe that if both parents have a solid long-term understanding of how they want to parent their children, a lot of conflict can be prevented later in the co-parenting relationship.

I also work with co-parents jointly by acting as an "objective third party" in joint meetings to help them work through difficult or emotional topics that inevitably come with parenting children together.

My over-arching mission is to help my clients gain control over their mindset and influence their family system in a positive way so that, ultimately, their children grow up with a more peaceful, united and whole family after divorce.

Tina Keyes, CDC®, TICC

M.A., B.A., University of Florida

Tina's Qualifications

  • New Ways for Mediation® Licensed Mediator

  • New Ways for Families® Licensed Coach

  • CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

  • Certified Co-Parenting Specialist

  • Trauma Informed Certified Coach


HCI Licensee required language: Tina Keyes has been trained by the High Conflict Institute (HCI), but is not employed by nor is a representative of HCI.

Trainings and Memberships

  • New Ways for Mediation® Training (High Conflict Insitute)

  • CDC Certified Divorce Coach® (Specialty Coach Training)

  • Certified Co-Parenting Specialist Training (Mosten Guthrie Academy/Christina McGhee)

  • Trauma Informed Coach Certification (ICF-accredited, Moving the Human Spirit)

  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training (CFL Collaborative Law Group)

  • New Ways for Families® Coaching with the Online Method (High Conflict Institute)

  • New Ways for Families® Decision Skills Class Training (High Conflict Institute)

  • New Ways for Families® Pre-Mediation Coaching Training (High Conflict Institute)

  • New Ways for Mediation® Seminar and Demonstration (High Conflict Institute)

  • International Coaching Federation - Member

  • The Collaborative Law Group of Central Florida - Allied Professional Member

"Tina is an astute listener. She hears the heart of someone's experience and reflects back with refreshing honesty. Tina's natural passion, sincerity, and clarity have supported me in navigating big feelings and key decisions in moving toward my values and goals. She doesn't shy away from big challenges or high-conflict topics which has allowed me to safely explore without judgment. I leave each session feeling resourceful and confident in my vision and path forward. If you're looking to align your values with your actions, work with Tina. She will ride the choppy waves with you and help you on your path to inner peace."
- N.C.
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