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Are you contemplating divorce?

The decision to get divorced can be overwhelming and stressful. Often, you don't have anyone to talk to because you don't want to tell other people until you are certain about your decision.

As divorce coaches, we can be your non-judgmental sounding board, giving you a safe space to talk through your pros and cons list, decide whether the marriage is truly beyond repair, gain clarity on the next steps and make a plan.

How can a divorce coach help you figure out whether divorce is the right choice for you?

  • Walking down the path of divorce with you to understand the implications fully

  • Discussing available resources to work on the relationship, if it is salvageable

  • Helping you determine whether the marital issues are insurmountable

  • Looking at the high-level financial implications of divorce and the divorce process

  • Talking through the impact to the children, your friendships, living arrangements and other considerations

  • Helping you gain clarity around whether divorce is the best path for you and your greater family system

  • If divorce is the right choice, creating a plan and discussing options for your next steps

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