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The divorce is final.
Now what?

For many people, the final dissolution of marriage feels like a "checkpoint" the are working towards for months or even years. Once you finally get the papers signed and find yourself legally "divorced", you may be asking "now what"?

As you enter this new stage of your life, we can support you in defining what will make you truly happy, set goals and work through challenges that come along with being single after a marriage ends. Also, there may be a new career you're navigating or changing relationships and responsibilities relating to the children, even if they are adults.

What topics can we work through relating to post-divorce life?

  • Defining your values

  • Living within your new budget

  • Making friends and finding new interests

  • Changing responsibilities and relationships with children

  • Self-care strategies

  • Dating after divorce

  • Strategies for coping when your ex moves on before you do

  • Recovering from betrayal or trauma

  • Communicating with your ex in a healthy way

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