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We can help you with Parenting Plan Modifications

Sometimes, as your children grow or circumstances change due to health, employment, compensation or other factors, you may need to modify your parenting plan.


We can meet with you and your ex jointly to help you determine the updated terms of your agreements in an effort to avoid going to court to have the judge make the determination for you. 

Through mediation, you retain control of the outcome and can work together to find the best resolution for both of you and, most importantly, for your children. The best thing for your children is always to keep conflict to a minimum.

What types of issues might come up that would warrant a Parenting Plan Modification?

  • Changes in work schedules that impact timesharing

  • Change in timesharing percentage/distribution of overnights

  • Change in health of either parent which requires changes to your parenting agreements

  • Change in health of the child or a new diagnosis that was not addressed in the original parenting plan

  • New issues that arise as your children get older that you did not anticipate when drafting the parenting plan

  • Realizing that your schedule or another provision of the parenting plan is not working as anticipated

  • A need or desire to change the communication protocol due to conflict or safety concerns

  • and many more...

To see if mediation is right for you...

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