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Divorce is a confusing and overwhelming process.

When getting divorced, you have so many decisions to make. You need to decide what "process" to use, which lawyer to hire, prepare a mountain of paperwork, be able to articulate what you want and much more. Oh, and you are expected to keep your emotions in check through all of it.

That is a TALL order. Are you drowning in information overload, scared to make the wrong decisions? Are you stressed because everything is changing and there is no time to do anything? Do you find yourself procrastinating or avoiding the next steps? Or maybe, you're ready to move forward but are confused by the options and need someone to explain the actual divorce process and documents to you? If any of this sounds like you, we can be your guide, help you prepare and gain clarity.

How can a divorce coach help you prepare for divorce?

  • Education on the different "ways" to get divorced so you can choose the right path for you

  • Connecting you with ethical professionals who can support you in the myriad of changes that are happening in your life

  • Helping you get clear on what information/documents you need to gather in preparation for meetings with attorneys and other professionals

  • Setting goals to help you keep moving forward in the process or meet deadlines for your attorney

  • Explaining the process and steps in divorce so you can decide on the best options for your situation

  • Helping you gain control of your emotions so that you can make rational, informed decisions

  • Walking through different options/scenarios with you to help you get clear on what is viable

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