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Need help with Co-Parenting conflict?

Splitting up when you have children together is hard enough. Then, you’re expected to suddenly adapt to the “co-parent” role overnight and instinctively know how to work with your ex without conflict. Often, it takes years for parents to find a rhythm and work as an effective team. 


For many separated parents, while their intentions are to be collaborative, co-parenting turns out to be more difficult than they expected or they find themselves in disagreements over key decisions.

Co-Parenting Conflict Mediation can help you and your co-parent work through conflict, make tough decisions together and work towards a more collaborative dynamic that puts your child's needs first.

What is Co-Parenting Conflict Mediation?

Whether you are just separating or have been divorced for years, a mediator can help you communicate effectively with your ex, make joint decisions relating to your children and prevent escalation of conflict.

Most parents would benefit immensely from a neutral third party to help them through the difficult conversations that inevitably come along with co-parenting children together. 


Tina Keyes is a Certified Co-Parenting Specialist, licensee of New Ways for Mediation® and a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®.


Tina works with co-parents in joint sessions to help them communicate in a healthier way and work together as a “unit”. Tina can also help parents reach agreements regarding amendments to your parenting plans.

What can Co-Parenting Conflict Mediation help you with?

  • Making joint decisions on education, activities, health, discipline, consistency between homes and a myriad of other day-to-day co-parenting issues

  • Discussing possible changes to the Parenting Plan or Timesharing arrangements
  • Making joint decisions on big expenses or changes for the children
  • How to introduce new partners to the children and what will the partner's role be in their lives
  • Navigating big changes in work, compensation, lifestyle for either parent
  • Skills for communicating better when communication is tense or fragmented
  • Attempting to resolve major disputes prior to going to court

If you are ready to see if this is right for you...

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