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Hi, I'm Helena

I am a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® who is passionate about working with clients who are going through divorce later in life, especially after a long term marriage.

My husband and I decided to divorce after 35 years together. It was one of the most significant transitions in my life. I was single for the first time in decades, suddenly facing many scary new realities: packing up our home, moving to my own place, planning retirement with only half my savings to work with and breaking the news to our adult child. My ex and I had an amicable divorce, but even so, the implications on my life were far reaching.

Now, I have the privilege to work with clients who are facing the uncertainty that comes with late life divorce. It is my honor to help you find the courage, confidence and strength to adapt and thrive in this next chapter of your life. This is not "the end", but rather, can be the start of your most authentic and fulfilling chapter.

Helena Wolfand, CDC®

B.A., University of Ljubljana

Certifications, Trainings, Memberships

  • CDC Certified Divorce Coach®

  • Instructor - CDC® Amicable/Holistic Divorce Coaching Certification

  • Co-Author - CDC® Amicable/Holistic Divorce Coaching Certification

  • Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training

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