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The right skills and tools can make all the difference.

Tina Keyes, CDC® is an approved provider for "New Ways for Families®", which is an evidence-informed program designed by international conflict expert and author Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq

"New Ways for Families® is an innovative method of teaching parents simple skills to manage conflicts, negotiate decisions, promote respectful communication, encourage themselves in times of stress and co-parent more effectively. This new method has been designed to be simple and repetitive, so that almost all parents can learn these skills and apply them in their lives when dealing with each other, with their children and with anyone." -Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. / High Conflict Institute


What is New Ways for Families®?

New Ways for Families® is the brainchild of Bill Eddy and the High Conflict Institute. It is a "unique class for parents who want a life of peace instead of fighting in court. [You will] learn conflict communication skills, including the popular BIFF Response® method for writing emails and text messages, and so much more."

Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq. is the pioneer of the High Conflict Personality theory and has written over 15 highly sought-after books such as "BIFF", "SPLITting", "So, What's your Proposal?" and "Don't Alienate the Kids". His work focuses around managing high conflict personalities, teaching skills to co-parents to communicate effectively, stay calm and resolve their issues outside of the courtroom, even in very high conflict dynamics.

What will you (or your client) gain from New Ways for Families®?

  • you'll no longer be hooked by zinger emails/texts

  • you'll have a skill to de-escalate the other parent when they blame or complain

  • your ability to resolve co-parenting conflict and make parental decisions together will improve

  • you will rely more on problem-solving and less on engaging in arguments or defending yourself

  • you will learn how to make proposals instead of arguing

  • you will learn how to protect your children from conflict and how a child's brain is impacted by experiencing ongoing conflict

  • you won't have to rely on the courts as much

  • you will learn how to manage your own emotions, instead of letting the other parent get under your skin

  • and most importantly, to help your children learn skills of resilience during co-parenting years--skills that will serve them for a lifetime

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New Ways for Families® offerings:

  • New Ways For Families® Pre-Mediation Coaching

    • Quickly build Bill Eddy's four "Big Skills" in preparation for an upcoming mediation

    • Two Coaching Sessions with New Ways for Families® workbook and examples/practice exercises

    • (Session one is ideally 2 weeks before mediation, Session 2 is one week before)

  • New Ways for Families® - Coaching with Online Training

    • Parents complete 12 modules of online content (~1 hour each) 

    • 3 to 12 individual coaching sessions with each parent

    • Can be court ordered

  • New Ways for Families® - Collaborative Divorce

    • Designed to support families going through the Collaborative Process

    • Follows the New Ways for Families® Collaborative Parent Workbook

    • Three individual sessions with each parent

  • New Ways For Families® Decisions Skills Class

    • Class format with three 90 minute Sessions with workbook and examples/practice exercises

    • This is a condensed version of the larger 12-unit New Ways for Families® Online Parenting Class

Disclaimer: Tina Keyes has been trained by the High Conflict Institute (HCI), but is not employed by nor is a representative of HCI.

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