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Let's keep your children top of mind during your divorce.

For most parents, when they decide to get divorced, the well-being of their children is one of their top priorities. After all, the implications of the divorce don't only impact you, but also your children.

Working with a divorce coach can help you handle your emotions better, move through divorce with clarity and focus on what is within your control to create a healthy and happy life for them post-divorce.

What challenges can we talk through together?

  • Picking your battles for the "greater good"

  • Going from "spouse" to "co-parent"

  • Communicating with your ex in a healthy and productive manner

  • Learning to let go of what you can't control

  • Telling your kids about the divorce

  • Starting to think through the logistics of splitting up your assets

  • Brainstorming about where you might live or where the kids may go to school

  • Coping with changes in your parental responsibilities

  • Thinking through possible timesharing plans, major financial considerations or career changes

  • Talking through what matters to you in parenting so that you ensure your Parenting Plan will represent your values (see our Parenting Plan page for more on this)

  • Re-discovering your identity outside of "spouse" and "parent"

  • Dating after divorce (and introducing the kids)

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