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Will a divorce coach fit into my "divorce team"?

A divorce coach can be a perfect complement to other professionals you are working with, helping to fill the gap between what your lawyer, therapist or other professionals may be working on.

Divorce is a very traumatic and stressful time for most people. The more support you have, both emotionally and with the process of divorce itself, the better you will be able to manage your divorce and come out of it with the desired outcome.

How do we work with the other professionals on your divorce team?


Many clients will have a lawyer to represent them during their divorce process. I will always refer you to your lawyer for any legal question on your case. My job is not to give you legal advice, but rather, to help you regain focus during an emotionally overwhelming and foggy time, so that you can clarify your over-arching goals and values. This will help you figure out the right questions to ask your attorney, allowing you to use your time with them more efficiently and effectively.

Mental Health Professionals:

Many Divorce Coaching clients have a therapist, psychologist or family therapist. Your therapist or psychologist is trained to help you process the trauma, depression, anxiety or other big emotions that may stem from your divorce, or may have been present prior to the divorce. A Divorce Coach works in partnership with, not in place of, your mental health professional.


As your Divorce Coach, I will help you to keep moving forward through the Divorce process by clarifying what matters to you most, setting realistic goals, focusing on bite-sized chunks and calming your unproductive thoughts. Meanwhile, your mental health professional will focus on giving you the tools you need to work through any underlying issues. The partnership between us can be very effective in guiding you to the post-divorce life you want.

Other Professionals:

I work diligently to build out a network of trusted resources for my clients so that I can help them find trustworthy and ethical Divorce Professionals.

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