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Your Parenting Plan is one of the most important documents you will ever sign.

Your parenting plan governs how you and your co-parent agree to parent your children, share time, split expenses and communicate, among other things.

The Parenting Plan is more than just the "default agreement" that judges and parenting coordinators will look at should you find yourself in a massive disagreement with your co-parent in the future. A comprehensive, detailed and forward-thinking parenting plan ensures your children have the structure, stability and communication they need for a healthy life when sharing time with two parents. Plus, it prevents conflict and legal fees in the future. 

What will we work through together in designing your parenting plan?

  • What timesharing arrangements make the most sense for your situation?

  • How will holidays and birthdays be shared?

  • How will communication will be handled between co-parents? Between each parent and the child(ren)?

  • Who will be responsible for decision-making relating to the children?

  • How will extracurriculars will be decided on and who pays for what?

  • What are the rules around changing the schedule, hiring babysitters? Is there a first right of refusal?

  • Is each parent allowed to travel with the children? If so, where? What are the rules? Who has to agree to it and how much information must be shared about the trip?

  • How do you protect the children (and yourself) in cases of addiction, abuse, personality disordered parents?

  • How will discipline be handled? Chores? Allowance? Curfew? Rules?

  • Who will control bank accounts and credit cards for the kids? Who pays for college?

  • Who pays for the car and car insurance?

  • and the list goes on...


Why am I the right person to help you design your parenting plan?

"As a stepmom, my life has been dictated by a parenting plan for almost a decade. We have had every 50/50 timesharing arrangement imaginable and learned the hard way which details need to be clarified to prevent conflict between co-parents. I have personally seen how a parenting plan gets used by professionals (judges, parenting coordinators) to decide disputes between parents. 

I believe strongly that if the expectations and details are discussed and spelled out early on, much of the later conflict between co-parents can be avoided.

I have helped raise my stepsons in a 50/50 custody environment from when they were in Pre-K all the way through to High School. I also have two young biological children, so I understand the unique needs of infants and toddlers. Quite literally, I have parented and step-parented children in every season of their minor lives. I am confident that I can help you create a parenting plan that protects you, puts your children first and prevents conflict for everyone. It is my passion and privilege to guide parents through designing this life-altering document so they can have the most collaborative and peaceful post-divorce dynamic possible for their unique circumstances."


- Tina Keyes, CDC®, TICC, Certified Co-Parenting Specialist

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