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Need help with Co-Parenting during or after separation? Need help in jointly designing your parenting plan?

Splitting up when you have children together is hard enough. Then, you’re expected to suddenly adapt to the “co-parent” role overnight and instinctively know how to work with your ex without conflict. For many separated parents, while their intentions are to be collaborative, co-parenting turns out to be more difficult than they expected.

Often, it takes years for parents to find a rhythm and work as an effective team. Some never get there. With every change in life come growing pains. The transition from romantic partners or spouses to co-parents is no different.

What is Co-Parenting Consulting?

Tina Keyes is a Certified Co-Parenting Specialist, licensee of New Ways for Mediation® and a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®. Whether you are just separating or have been divorced for years, Tina can help you communicate effectively with your ex, make joint decisions relating to your children and prevent conflict.

Most parents are not a fit for "court-ordered" Parenting Coordination but would benefit immensely from a neutral third party to help them through the difficult conversations that inevitably come along with separating or parenting children together. 

Tina works with co-parents individually or jointly to help them create a collaborative co-parenting dynamic and work together as a “unit”. Tina can help you design a joint parenting plan that you both feel comfortable with as you begin the separation process or help you work through conflict during different chapters of your children's lives, even years after your divorce is final.


In joint coaching, each parent sends an agenda prior to the meeting and we work together to get through the topics at hand, with Tina helping guide the conversation and working through emotions or conflict as they arise. A Co-Parenting Consultant can bridge the gap and help you communicate in a healthy way so your kids have a more unified family.

What can a Co-Parenting Consultant help you with?

  • Some common issues during separation/divorce:

    • Next steps once you have decided to separate

    • Education on the divorce process or options for deciding timesharing if you were not married

    • Supporting your children emotionally

    • Designing a temporary timesharing and decision-making plan if you are still living together temporarily after separation

    • Creating a plan to tell the children about the divorce or separation

    • Connecting you with attorneys and other ethical professionals who can help you through the process

    • Designing your parenting plan together

    • Creating a framework for healthy co-parenting communication

    • Discussion of other important co-parenting issues with a neutral facilitator

  • Some common post-divorce issues:​

    • Skills for communicating better when communication is tense or fragmented​

    • Making joint decisions on education, activities, health, discipline, consistency between homes and a myriad of other day-to-day co-parenting issues

    • Discussing possible changes to the Parenting Plan or Timesharing arrangements

    • Making joint decisions on big expenses or changes for the children

    • How to introduce new partners to the children and what will the partner's role be in their lives

    • Navigating big changes in work, compensation, lifestyle for either parent

How do we get started?

  1. I offer a FREE consultation to discuss your needs and see if Co-Parenting Consulting is a good fit for you.

  2. The initial package for Co-Parenting Consulting includes five sessions

  3. Two of those sessions are one-on-one intake sessions to give me important context from each co-parent's point of view

  4. Three of the sessions are joint sessions 

  5. Subsequent packages can be 3 or 6 session packages

  6. Package costs can be split between the co-parents

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