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Have you decided to get divorced without attorneys?

Many clients choose to go through divorce without hiring lawyers, either by working through the details of their divorce at the kitchen table or by attending "pro se" mediation (mediation without lawyers).

If you fall into this group and are looking for help getting organized, designing your parenting plan or preparing for pro se mediation, we can help.

How do we help "pro se" clients who have opted not to hire an attorney for the divorce?

  • Education on what information/documents you will need to gather to prepare for pro se mediation or to make decisions jointly with your spouse

  • Helping you get organized with your documents and keeping you on track towards your goals

  • Designing a parenting plan (either individually or jointly with your spouse)

  • Gaining clarity on what you actually want as the outcome of the divorce

  • Walking through different option and scenarios to help you get clear on what is viable

  • Teaching you strategies on how to communicate your wants and needs effectively

  • Keeping your emotions in check so that you can focus on the big picture and prevent conflict

  • Connecting you with other professionals who can help you (financial divorce experts, pro se mediators)

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